Allgood Sells Jacksonville Branch to Bug Out Service
PCT Magazine
The transaction will help Bug Out Service expand its reach throughout Northeast Florida, and as it grows, Bug Out's priority is to maintain high levels of customer service and satisfaction, something both Allgood Pest Solutions and Bug Out Service are ...

Could a First Gen Honda CR-V be the Ideal Survival Ride?
Gas 2.0
That's where the “bug out” vehicle comes in to play, and choosing the right bug out vehicle could be critical to you and your family's survival. So, what car should you buy to escape the zombie apocalypse next major crisis to hit your hometown? Today ...

Now You See It: Reporter gets an ear full
WNEM Saginaw
(CNN) - They always say anything can happen on live TV, but what reporter would imagine an exotic moth would lay eggs in his ear during a live shot? We've seen news people bug out over a spider, swallow a fly, ingest a grasshopper, but Bob Barnard, ... (press release)

Dorm Room Angler! A Few Of My Tips And Tricks (press release)
Making this thread for fun and just to tell everyone what I do as an angler living in a dorm room and out of my truck. I fish the full spectrum: From shore, paddling, and off of a boat. So I need to be able to bug out and go at any time based on my ...

Selectmen candidates stick to issues during debate
Woburn Daily Times
My office is in Reading, so anytime I need to bug out and get to Town Hall, I can do that. I think of all the selectmen here, because I'm local and own my own business, I'm down at Town Hall during business hours more than anyone. Colarusso: I think ...

Personal Liberty Digest

If I started prepping all over again
Personal Liberty Digest
My early days of prepping did not yield much concern for having a bug out bag. I did not realize, or maybe just respect, the number of things that could happen that would make a bug out bag the best immediate solution. Going back to the beginning, as ...


The Search for the Greatest Wrestlemania of All Time: Wrestlemania 22
At age 57 at the time, Flair took a suplex off the top of the ladder that still makes my eyes bug out. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony — another event that's become a Wrestlemania tradition — was a bittersweet affair, with the recently deceased ...

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SEMO Times

Blindcat's Corner: The Great Bug Attack of 2015
SEMO Times
Now, I wasn't trying to be funny, but at the time I could not have cared less about name, age, or any of that bureaucratic nonsense for I just wanted that bug out of my ear and I can assure you if she had been in my situation she would have felt the same.

Stay Healthy: Tips to keep the flu, stomach bug out of your house
When Jessica Dixon, infection prevention project specialist at WakeMed, called me for an interview this week, I was sitting with my five-year-old on the couch, which was draped with what we call "the throw up blanket." It's a big comforter that we lay ...

The Weekly Standard

Japan's Tense Neighborhood
The Weekly Standard
Japanese officials note that every time a power vacuum has occurred in the region, China has actively sought to fill it, from the colonial French bugout in the 1950s, to the fall of Saigon in the 1970s, to the closing of U.S. air and naval bases in the ...

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