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Summit Academy students 'BUG' out, earn rewards in Flat Rock
Southgate News Herald
Several “bugs,” were seen all over Summit Academy recently, but none of the students or staff were creeped out or scared, in fact they celebrated it. The Downriver West Kiwanis teamed with the staff at the school to help the third and fourth grade ...

Glassboro preschoolers bug out for Earth Day (PHOTOS)
Glassboro's Chesterbrook Academy celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday by releasing 5,000 ladybugs back into the environment. Ladybugs aid the environment by eating aphids, a harmful bug that destroys crops. With the help of parents and teachers, ...

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American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

Bug-Out Lighting
American Rifleman (press release) (blog)
The company's latest isn't gun-specific, but if your bug-out bag is getting a little heavy, or you have an array of lights for an emergency—each with a confusingly different role—the new Sidewinder Rescue may be an ideal remedy. It won't break the ...

Modesto preschoolers 'bug out' for Earth Day
Modesto Bee
Janessa Toenges laughs with joy as ladybugs are released during a celebration of Earth Day at Merryhill Preschool, where students released ladybugs into their gardens on Wednesday. John Westberg Story; Comments. Abdomen.

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1988 Chevy Blazer - Bug-Out Blazer: Part 3
Four Wheeler Network
When we left off last with our '88 Bug-Out Blazer (B.O.B.)—our chosen doomsday-survival, escape-'n-evade, S.H.T.F. rig—we gave you the rundown on the pros of a 1-ton axle swap, which axle assemblies lend themselves to an easy transplant in a ...

Disaster: Are you ready to "bug out?"
Coos Bay World
Those who prowl the websites, forums and blogs of other preppers will find an entire subculture of otherwise normal people. People who have elevated disaster preparedness to a science or an alternative lifestyle. Terms such as “bugging-out” or ...

Personal Liberty Digest

Don't forget the small stuff in your bug-out bag
Personal Liberty Digest
Many of us have given a great deal of thought to the major items we need in our bug-out bags, including emergency food, water, fire-starters, a knife and cordage. And hopefully, most of us have those bags located in a place near the front door so we ...

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Bug Out Service is Title Sponsor of 2015 Jacksonville Suns
PCT Magazine
Bug Out Service has been a proud part of the local community for the last 50 years. In addition to being a sponsor of the Suns, Bug Out is a member of the Northeast Florida Builder's Association, The Better Business Bureau and a sponsor of WJCT, the ...

These Suburban Preppers Are Ready for Anything
For the trek out of the city (on foot, if necessary), he has a carefully constructed bug-out bag, which some preppers refer to as a 72-hour kit or an INCH (“I'm never coming home”) bag. (Preppers really relish their acronyms.) “If something goes down ...

Bush Rips Obama, Left Has a Cow
We were gonna bug out of the Middle East. We're gonna let Iran and Russia have it. That's what the plan was. That's what Obama's plan was. We had no business being there. "It's none of our concern! Especially if it's telling Iran they can't have nukes.
George W. Bush slams President Obama on Middle East

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